Dr. Ajakwe Performs Vertiflex Procedure

Jun 7, 2024 | Blog

After consult, review of imaging, and diagnostic procedures, Dr. Reginald Ajakwe of Comprehensive Spine & Pain Physicians performed a Vertiflex™ Procedureon 05/01/2024. The Vertiflex Procedure is a clinically proven, minimally invasive, outpatient solution for long-term relief of lumbar spinal stenosis. Backed by level 1 evidence, the Vertiflex Procedure is supported by data from patients who reported successful outcomes and satisfaction up to five years. Using an interspinous spacer, the Vertiflex Procedure indirectly decompresses the lumbar spine affected with stenosis. The spacer relieves pressure off the nerves and reduces or eliminates the pain in the legs and back. 

Since the procedure, patient has decreased her opioid use by 50%, and states her pain is much better and she can walk more.