Hf10 Trial with Pain Management Specialist Raymond Tatevossian, MD

Jun 4, 2019 | Blog, Pain Management

Comprehensive Spine & Pain Physicians’ Dr. Raymond Tatevossian performed a Nevro HF10 spinal cord stimulation trial to help his patient who was suffering from neuropathic pain in the lower back and bilateral leg.

After a 7-day trial the patient reported 80% overall pain relief. Patient stated “This has changed my life!”

The patient will forgo a permanent implantation of the device in the coming weeks.

The Senza HF10 device is the only device on the market to truly deliver paresthesia free therapy with a minimum battery life of 10 years. It’s is  the only device on the market which has proven to be efficacious for long term pain relief. Visit www.hf10.com for more information