These are the basics of treating back pain

Aug 27, 2015 | Pain Management

You can’t always control the posture in which you sleep. It isn’t till you wake up that you realize that was definitely not a position to be in for more than ten minutes. You don’t always fall the correct way. It isn’t till you feel the soreness creep up the next day that you realize you shouldn’t have dove for that ball. Whatever the reason may be, they happen and result in some serious back pain. What to do about it?

Home Remedies for Back Pain

Some remedies for minor pain can be things you can do yourself at home without much expenditure necessary. Stretching is something that can help alleviate the discomfort of back pain. Go against the motion that is causing you pain and hold it for some time to get the pain to subside. Yoga has some helpful poses that are good for dissolving back pain. The downward dog is good for back pain that is caused by arching back too much.

Another would be either cold water therapy or acupuncture but the cost can be daunting, especially because it’s not something that’ll work in the first go.

The best option would be to visit a physiatrist such as Drs. Ajakwe or Tatevossian if you are in the Burbank area. This would be in the case of serious or chronic back pain. If stretching did not help ease your pain then visiting them will be your best bet. Their practice is for chronic and serious back and neck pains not responsive to treatment or surgery. Comprehensive Pain Physicians offers minimally invasive surgical procedures, as well as interventional injections for difficult and persisting pain conditions. His Yelp page is exploding with raving and positive reviews. You can’t go wrong by picking him.

Hopefully the stretching and yoga help you with your back pain, but if they fail, Drs. Ajakwe and Tatevossian will definitely help you defeat that pesky pain. Book your appointment today and don’t live another day with a painful back, when there are so many more questionable dives after the ball to be had.